Yoga For Concentration: Zero In (open level)


This Yoga routine comprises a wide array of poses and concentration mudras that promote focus and clarity. Drawing a spiral from the outside in while focusing on the route allows the gaze to zoom into the third eye. A lunge based warm introduces neutrally rotated standing poses adorned with mudras that promote focus. The one-pointed mudras emphasize the holding of the “drishti” or fixed attention. Gentle weight shifts rock the body back and forth, then up and down to facilitate a smooth glide from standing to kneeling, from seated to reclining poses. Back bends and hip openers alternate to invigorate the body and clear away energy stuck in the joints. A forward-bending wind down takes you into a place of self-inquiry and full absorption with the movement and breath. A final spiral from the inside out opens up space for clarity and cultivates both a sense of wide focus and narrow zoom.

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