Yoga for Beginners: Ripen & Thrive

This Yogea sequence is especially designed for beginners who want to get a well-rounded body-mind experience. The slow pace and clarity of execution promotes proper postural alignment, while toning the core. The centering effect of the integral routine feeds on a bountiful blend of standing poses that build stamina, inversions that stimulate circulation, backbends that invigorate the spirit, forward bends that cool the body and sooth the mind, and twists that purify the glandular system. Traditional “asanas” are coupled with efficient stretches to facilitate a deeper opening in the hip and shoulder girdles and an elongation through the sides of the waist. Suppleness of the hamstrings and calves, as well as the IT band is increased through a weight and angle shifting flow. Special emphasis is placed on binds and meridian crossings to provide a balancing effect, and boost the self-regulatory processes in the body. Level alternation, directional and weight shifts are conducted slowly, while building a solid base to ensure unimpeded transitioning from one pose to the next. The meditative pace and subtle articulation of every joint helps beginners enjoy a safe, but challenging practice.

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