Yoga for back pain relief: Spinal Balm (open level)

This back pain relieving yoga routine introduces a new “Micro-movements approach” to soothing backache. The soothing and strengthening poses are especially selected to work through the three ranges of movement that the spine does – stretching upwards, twisting and moving forward. The focus is on transitional micro-poses that twist, bend, curve, rotate and extend the back.  The sequence abounds with spinal undulations, side bends, hip openers, strengthening back-bends and soothing forward bends and twist to decompress the spine while elongating through the sides of the waist. Special emphasis goes to strengthening the abdominal and rear muscles, as well as soothing the upper back, neck and shoulders. The poses intuitively take you on a journey across all the nooks, angles, crannies and edges that need to be polished for your spine to feel supple and radiant.  A soothing relaxation reminds you to eliminate excess in your life and act from the backbone of your being.

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