Yoga Focus Routine: Widen & Zoom (advanced intermediate level)

This advanced intermediate level Yogea routine integrates breathing and focusing techniques, as well as targeted innovative and classical asanas for enhancing concentration and balancing the craft of widening one’s mind frame and zooming into the core issues of life. The sequence kicks off with a series of “Dharana” or concentration exercises to strengthen the eye muscles and fix the gaze at a point in the distance. Further, vision promoting exercises follow that test the practitioner’s ability of obtaining a firm “drishti” or “soft gaze.” The warm up swirls through modified Sun Salutes, Down Dog variations and kneeling balancing poses to bring a variety of focal points that would both narrow and expand the practitioner’s attention. Special hip stretches are performed in tandem with third eye openers, while supported backbends fire up the energy through the spine and facilitate the stretching of the IT Band, the gluteus and the hamstrings. Externally and neutrally rotated bound standing poses test the student’s strength, endurance and equilibrium. Arm balances, back bends and quad openers rotate to stimulate the glands and give the body a well-rounded massage. Seated hip flexor stretches and forward bends provide a smooth transition into relaxation and sense-withdrawal in order to bring the focus in.

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