Yoga Chair Routine: Aligned & Steady

This Yogea practice tones, stretches, balances, grounds and aligns the whole body. The chair is used in myriad ways to provide stability and ease, while improving alignment and precision. A brief breathing exercise warms up the joints and brings awareness to all body parts. Forward bends and hip openers are combined to facilitate an open base. Seated spinal twists alternate with abdominal toners to help engage the core and gain length in the spine. The fluid transitions make the flow very organic and seamless, while the architecture of the chair provides alternate levers to modify existing poses and make them accessible and fun. The lower and upper body halves work in tandem to rev up the entire endocrine system. The full yoga palette of supported inversions, backbends, forward bends, arm balances, twists and even standing poses is explored creatively but accessibly. The chair flow has an overall rejuvenating and energizing effect.

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