Yoga Centering Routine (open level)

This centering Yogea practice combines the physical benefits of Qi-Gong and asana practice. The emphasis is on grounding through the four corners of the feet evenly and establishing a sense of communion with the Earth, both physically and energetically. Standing, sitting, kneeling, reclining and supine poses alternate to create a well-rounded mix of hip openers, belly toners, quad extensors, hamstring and Achilles lengtheners, and heart openers. The pace is flowing and Tai-chi based as the yogic principle of “abhyasa” is applied. Abhyasa is the yoga philosophy of moving step by step by integrating conscious breath and movement and creating a membrane of creative awareness that spirals though the entire body, while connecting it to the Earthly vortex and the celestial portal. As the sky kisses the Earth, the body anchors and roots through oppositional pulls and elevates through pelvic twists. The breathing exercises from both holistic schools – Qi-Gong and Yoga are intermingled with modifications of classical poses. At the end a balancing effect is obtained and a sense of vitality and rigor floods the body, while keeping the mind tranquil and the gaze directed inwards into the essence. The level of the practice is slow intermediate and does require basic knowledge of Yoga prior to attempting it.

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