Women’s Free Style Yoga Routine: Lunar Flow (intermediate level)

This Yogea sequence opens up with a variation of Moon Salutations to warm up the whole body harmoniously and subtly without exerting any pressure on specific ligaments, joints, muscles or tendons. The kinetic meditation is further informed by a forward bending quality of surrender and back-bending quality of ecstasy and devotion. The free style which intentionally doesn’t follow any traditional sequencing rules is meant to unleash spontaneity and creativity and usher you through an energetic membrane of rippling waves of energetic transmission and conscious realization that wax and wane like the Moon. The body folds and unfolds seamlessly as the actual stretching happens in the fluid transitions of an organic “Vinyasa” based routine. The mind transcends its cognitive fluctuations and the heart opens unconditionally, as the soul is released as a genie through a bottle. The hip flexors are warmed up and gradually stretched as the lower, mid and upper back undulate into constant flux, becoming stronger while being supple. Ultimately, the individual is open to emotional and energetic release and new intentions are coined, new realities are perceived. Because of the well-rounded nature of this sequence all the body parts are coherently integrated through conscious breathing and the organs are infused with life force and a spirit of vibrancy and flow.

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