Women’s Flow Yoga Routine: Fertility Bliss (intermediate level)


This Yogea sequence has an upbeat pace that stimulates the entire glandular system, and abounds with hip-opening poses that help align the uterus properly and increase the micro-circulation in the reproductive tract, rendering conception more viable. The inventive hip-stretchers, forward bends, deep squats, graceful backbends, elongated twists and subtle inversions are strung by sensual Moon Salute variations that promote the flow of “apana” throughout the entire body. The transitions happen seamlessly and are intended to correct postural alignment and release tension, promoting resilient connections between the hips, pelvis, and lower back, and stimulating the immune and endocrine systems. The fluid sequencing provides an experience of continuity and cyclic yielding. The core is strengthened isometrically, the pelvic floor toned, while the shoulder girdle opens into an uninhibited yawn. Performing this sequence gives your body a libido boost by opening and strengthening your hips and pelvis. You’ll know you’re doing it correctly if you feel a stretch in the front of your pelvis and hip flexors, and along the side of your torso and hip. The twists help to wring out any fertility-compromising tension that may be in your organs and muscles. In addition to allowing “apana” to move more freely, these asanas help to soften and “make space” in the pelvis and let go of tension in the abdomen. A goddess-pose Savasana makes the body available for fertile flow.

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