Well-rounded Yoga Routine: Integrity Check (open level)


Like a rainbow, this fast-paced routine contains the full spectrum of poses to promote a feeling of wholeness and integrity. A seated meditation brings the focus and paves your way into a fluid warm up that combines core work, arm extensions and hip openers. A series of standing poses facilitated through soothing weight shifts strengthen, tone and stabilize the base, while bringing the feeling of advancing and retreating, until you find the center and root into the heart of your being. Invigorating backbends go hand in hand with gentle inversions. Calming forward bends lead to deeper hip stretches and culminate in reclining bound twists to elicit the relaxation response while remove excess stuff from the physical and emotional plane. A colorful mix of seated and prostrated poses, create a sense of grounding and surrender lending to a nourishing relaxation, that lands you in the middle ground between then and now.

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