Un-stuck Yourself

You know what I mean. There are those parts of our body that somehow always feel stuck. We think it’s chronic shoulder, hip or back pain, and we try to resolve it at the Orthopedist’s. The best-case scenario is to do some rehab. But it’s not always the case. Most of the times this type of symptom-driven treatment involves painkillers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, and even surgery. The truth is, neither of those cures addresses the energy block that actually led to the stiffness and pain.

As a beginner I dealt with hip and shoulder stiffness for a very long time, until I realized that the energy in those parts was simply inhibited due to emotional and mental stress. As soon as I started to disentangle anxiety from the core, the pain went away, and my hips and shoulders opened up physically and energetically.

Curiously, hips stiffness stems from unresolved fear that locks into the pelvic joints. When we are anxious and worry about the outcome of events, we trigger the brain to secrete cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones put our body on the fight or flight offense and urge it to contract and stifle. The over-secretion of pain inducing hormones shocks the system and curbs the production of synovial fluid, depleting the hyaluronic acid reserves. Deprived from their natural lubricant the joints become achy and rusty and the overall mobility gets compromised. Clearing the fear from the hips, means de-cluttering the mind, and facing the root cause of fear in order to eradicate it.

Shoulder stiffness on the other hand, results from a low self-worth, due to insecurity and distrust. When your shoulders feel sore you are up for a reality check. Try to find the root cause for demeaning or underestimating yourself. If it’s due to unfulfilled relationships, work on opening your heart chakra and balancing the give and take in your life. If it’s because you are trying to meet standards that are not necessarily healthy for you, step back and reconsider your attitude towards yourself. Drop the shoulds’ and shouldnts’ – they are false markers for your growth.

It may be hard to confront your fears and painful to get to the bottom of things, but when you do, you will feel a sense of relief and release from the grip of all these overpowering emotions that deprive you of your true power. As you learn to disengage from the mental and emotional chatter you will feel more centered and at peace. You will approach all situations with equanimity and confidence.

Hip and shoulder yoga routines are extremely helpful when you are trying to disentangle anxiety and to get a full emotional sweep. There are very much like the herbal wraps that you do when you’re sick, and wish to detoxify and get the energy flow going. But this time you are flushing toxic thoughts and emotions out – and freeing up space for some positive change. You can get that seratonin boost from a simple workout, too. But when you indulge into a beginners hip and shoulder routine the effect is tripled, because you are not only unblocking the energy flow through the joints, you are flooding the body with self-love hormones – altering the chemistry, and rewiring the brain to be happy and free.


This beginners Yoga routine removes stuck energy through the hips and shoulders. It takes you through safe and accessible asanas (poses) that increase flexibility in the hip and shoulder joints to eliminate fear and boost confidence. The poses are available to all, regardless of age, or physical condition, and contain healing binds that promote circulation and total brain fitness. The relaxation leaves you un-stuck and reinvigorated – physically, emotionally and mentally.

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