Un-pretzel Yourself

When we put flexibility in the context of Yoga, we always picture those master yoga posters or calendars of impossible positions, or imagine all those gymnasts posting photos on Instagram. What we fail to realize is that Yoga is not a competition, it is not a flexibility device, and it is not about getting flexible so we can wrap into those asana pretzels. It is quite the contrary. It is a set of tools, energetic and physical that opens our mind and heart to the wondrous possibilities of our Spirit. It is an unfolding. It takes us on a journey to unpeel the many layers that engulf the self, so we can shine forth. It is actually not an art of “pretzeling” and complicating things, but of “un-pretzling” and simplifying. It is as simple and as complicated as this.

When designing Yogea’s newest flexibility routine, I though a lot about the power of Yoga to open us, and make us receptive to the process of unfolding. So instead of creating a flow geared towards flexibility, I created a sequence that opens up all the joints energetically and allows the tendons and ligaments to juice up without stretching to the limits. Often in Yoga we put ourselves on the edge, and push beyond our limits. This is one aspect of Yoga that is transformational and cathartic. But sometimes what’s needed is to respect the edge, and not to trespass the boundary of healthy comfort. It’s when our body flashes the red light of our limits when we can grow from a place of compassion and non-violence. Getting flexible is clearly not the end goal, but being resonant and spacious is.

When we move from that well of compassion, we begin to enjoy the process of internal stretching, which not only “oils” our bodies, but also extends our scope of mind and broadens our vision. Physical flexibility and mental agility go hand in hand. As we clear the emotional roadblocks in the physical and the energetic body, we help the mind forge new nuero pathways and rewire itself. This is the beauty of maintaining a regular yoga practice. The flexibility range will always vary – depending on the age, the mood, the energy and time of the day. But the inner growth and expansion that happens within,  will blaze new trails in one’s consciousness, which remain carved forever. The more we carve these positive trails, the more options we can actually entertain when solving problems and making important decisions.  Then life becomes an expanded space of reinvention and self-discovery.

Good flexibility routines help you gain clarity and get your message across. And you figure out that the best way to get into a pretzel is to first un-pretzel yourself internally, free up all the tension, release the emotional load, and weed your field of creativity for a durable and nourishing crop.

Indulge into this safe and energizing flexibility routine that will get your juices running, your tendons flowing, and your joints exuberating in inner lush and outer fortitude.

Yoga for Flexibility: Un-pretzel Yourself (open level)

This innovative flexibility Yoga routine stretches the physical body seamlessly by coupling interval yoga and deep myofascial release to open up the joints and lengthen the tendons.


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