Think Thin

It’s so effective to add a beginner’s weight-loss practice to your slimming agenda. Agenda, because it includes different healthy modalities. Loosing weight is not the hardest. The trick is to shed the extra pounds and keep up the shape. And that happens only when you make the necessary life-style changes. Tweak your diet favoring wholesome and unrefined foods; gym smartly – making strength and flexibility your biggest priorities; and wear a smile on your face – to adopt a healthy mindset. And don’t fool yourself that one thing in your agenda would help you meet your fitness goals. Never only one, never alone, always in combination!

Combine cardio workouts of interval training with slimming Yoga routines, detox teas and low-glycemic foods, and pick a hobby or a passion that engenders happy experiences. You can lose weight only if you are vested in something that you really love, and that makes a difference in the world.

As for the weight-loss Yoga routine, consider a sculpting practice over a perspiring Hot Yoga or Power Yoga workout. The hot yoga will make you lose water and the detoxifying effect will make you “think thin”, but in fact you are not building muscle, you are not burning fat, and with time you risk injuring yourself by pushing over you natural edge. The power Yoga has a similar effect, because it does not encourage you to hold isometric contractions and really tone the inner muscles, not the visible six packs.

An isometric contraction is when you hold against gravity. This power work creates a resistance to the weight of your own body and increases the metabolic rate by building muscles and burning fat. As you burn fat you increase the production of leptin- the fat burning hormone.

The best way to get that hormone in tact is to combine resistance based yoga (a blend of stretching and sustained contractions) and Callanetics (non-impact exercise to tone and shape) and add repetitions pulsing to your isometric contractions. In that case you are stretching and toning, you are boosting your digestive juices and you are burning fat, while building muscle. The result is a healthy heart and a trim body. But that’s not all. You are missing the biggest component of the slimming Yoga, which is “think thin”.

Yes, if you gear your thoughts towards seeing yourself, healthy, happy and fit you will gradually elicit the parasympathetic nervous system response to calm the mind and secrete joy-inducing hormones. That will in turn regulate your appetite, and you will find yourself craving healthy snacks and wholesome meals, and drinking plenty of water. A daily intake of 8 ounces of water, the source of life is a “must” for maintaining optimal wealth and healthy hormone levels.

Just a five minute creative meditation does the job. All you have to do is envision yourself in the best shape ever – physically and mentally; attracting the right opportunities and adopting a varied healthy zone diet. To avoid odd chemical reactions in the gut, try not to mix carbohydrates and proteins in one meal, and drink your fluids at least 20 minutes after having eaten. This will ensure a healthy and alkaline gut and a clear and creative mind.

So you can think thin and dream big!

Weight Loss Yoga Routine: Think Thin (beginners level)

This weight loss beginners’ yoga routine combines interval Yoga, body sculpting, Callanetics and Pilates to get you into top physical and mental shape. Simple resistance based yoga poses are held while pulsing to tone muscle and burn fat. The routine targets the inner musculature of the core, including the fascia, and provides easy to assume poses that lengthen the tendons and define the muscles elegantly. All muscle groups are addressed in a non-impact, fat-burning fashion. Proper glandular secretion lends to a healthy gut. A positive attitude allows you to stay calm and think thin.

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