The OM of hOMe

Are you busy cyber shopping after Thanksgiving? I guess, you are… and so am I… So many great deals – not to be missed. Flocking cyberspace, though, comes with some sore back and hips from sitting in front of the screen. It’s the perfect time to take a break, log into Yogea YouTube Channel and enjoy a cyber yoga practice. For the Best Buy deals you need to pay, but here you can glide through a soothing basic routine from the comfort of your own home for free. Here’s a chance to jumpstart your yoga practice for good.

I still remember when I started doing Yoga more than 23 years ago. I was in a phase of my life that required long hours of writing, researching and reading, so I was stuck in front of the computer all day. My friends were urging me to join them for a yoga class, but I shied away from it because I wasn’t as bendy as they were, and thought yoga wasn’t for me. Well, I can tell you, I was really missing on something that later changed my life, and became my calling.

The most important thing, don’t procrastinate! Don’t put off your practice for tomorrow or for when time permits. Time is never going to suffice, so make no excuses, just do it.

The next tip to bear in mind is not to try hard during you intro into yoga. Just being with your breath and with yourself for 45 minutes is already a great accomplishment, that you can commend yourself for. Flow with the practice, letting your breath guide you through the movements and when you encounter a pose or a transition that seems difficult, just do the best you can, being mindful of the alignment that the teacher is instructing. If you get the alignment and the breath right, you will set your ground for a life-long practice.

And don’t forget that the practice is not one-size-fits-all recipe for wholeness. It is inviting you to adapt it to your body’s edge and needs. When you see the instructor demonstrate impeccably, think that it took years of perfecting and dedication, and that if you invest the same time and effort you will also get there. This begs the question what is your primary reason for doing yoga? Is it health related, a way to stay fit, or an attempt to tap your creative resources and learn more about yourself. Make sure you make that clear before you begin. It brings clarity and urgency to the practice, and allows you to reap the many benefits that Yoga brings.

Also, relinquish the misconception that yoga is about perfecting poses that you need certain flexibility for. It is not about assuming poses, and it is not about being limber. It is more about finding balance in your life by tuning to your breath, and your body’s wisdom and carving time for yourself. As you spare some “me time” you are actually clearing your mind from all the clutter that mundanity brings, and creating inner space for growth. And naturally, your body and mind work in tandem.

In my case, my beginner yoga practice taught me the importance of being patient and earnest. I wanted quick results at first, so I pushed into poses and disrespected the main concept of yoga “ahimsa” or not harming oneself. The injuries all led me to learn the lessons through pain and discomfort. It took many years before I realized that the outcome of things was beyond my control. What I controlled was the amount of effort and dedication I put into the practice, and the joy I earned from it.

Yes, sheer joy and delight in the many coincidences and synchronicities that led me back on the right track to revisit my purpose, and enhance my vision. Day by day and breath by breath, I unraveled my mission and pursued it with humility and compassion. My beginners practice opened up a whole well of abundance, and made me tender and loving towards all. The more I helped others and nurtured them, the more blessings and revelations I got on a daily basis. Yoga is a dialogue with the self and other, and a common ground for experiencing freedom and bliss. We are all here to share and learn from our experiences, from one another.

Today with 23 years of daily yoga practice under my belt, I approach my routines with the same excitement and anticipation as I did when I started. And always from a blank slate, from a beginners mind that is receptive and curious for new possibilities. Being open to realizing the vastness of your potential, but staying anchored in the present at peace with yourself is the cornerstone for a love affair with Yoga. That love affair is as thrilling for me today as it was two decades ago. Yoga brought me HOME. Home is where the OM is – the universal vibration of coherent order and infallible wholeness.

Commit to being whole at home with this vibrant complete beginners practice. And if you are already on the yogic path, take delight in re-learning the practice anew.

Yoga for Complete Beginners: The OM of hOMe

This is a yoga home practice for complete beginners. The poses are simple and cued to the breath – all broken down to assist you in building your safe home practice from the ground up. Get introduced to the basics of yoga in a friendly and nurturing way, as you reap the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of the different pose types and the power of conscious breath and movement. Feel stretched, centered, balanced and at peace.

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