Restorative Yoga Routine: Embodied Sustenance (open level)

This Yogea routine flows slowly and sooths the nervous system, while boosting glandular secretion and re-igniting the body’s ability to heal itself. Poses are held longer in a supported and restorative fashion as the relaxation response is elicited and the brain is oxygenated, while all the organs rinse and soak to attain optimum efficiency. Special emphasis goes to the practice of embodied mindfulness as the power of the brain to rewire itself is sparked and the cells are deprogrammed and cleansed. The main joints are oiled and the muscle tension is released, while the fascia is massaged internally. The routine rolls gracefully through the whole spectrum of asanas – back bends to open the heart and release stuck emotions; twists to detoxify, inversions to promote circulation and elicit the parasympathetic nervous system response; and forward bends to sooth and restore. An inspiring reclining creative visualization tops the whole experience and allows you to tap the self-sustaining mechanisms of the body and to maintain this innate harmony with reverence and devotion.

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