Rescue Remedy

When I started my conscious yoga practice, I also got to know Dr. Bach’s flower remedies – the esteemed English bacteriologist and homoeopath, credited with the discovery of the healing properties of “potentised” plant essences.

I loved the fact that he expanded the ancient energy healing methods into healing the emotional and mental body through miraculous tinctures that over the years have helped me reboot from different ailments. He, too, believed that all body processes were simply patterns of energy. The subtle movements and changes in those energy patterns ultimately directed the course of health and illness. This is the organic way of healing, which debunks the obsolete myth of modern medicine aiming for suppression of ‘undesirable’ symptoms. How different from the natural medicine wheel where the ebb and flow of certain symptoms and body states was considered natural, even desirable, because where there was movement there was life? Their aim was to transform energy patterns directly using various techniques to encourage the body’s natural healing process.

I have tried all various forms of energy medicine – homoeopathy, acupuncture, spiritual healing and meditation. Don’t take me wrong – they are all amazing healing tools. But for me the Bach flower remedies are the most sophisticated, and potent. Intriguingly, Dr. Bach mixed flower remedies to rid the body of negative emotional states, much in the same way that homeopathy helps trigger the body’s own physiological defense system. He believed that chronic stress resulting from emotional states such as anger, fear, grief, worry and resentment had a role to play in lowering a person’s resistance to disease. In his own practice he noted that his patients were prone to all sort of infections when these emotional states prevailed. This affirmed his belief that a person’s emotional outlook determined the length and severity of their illness.

But his real breakthrough insight came when he realized that you don’t need only the actual mother tincture of the plant, but rather the vital life force that was transferred from flower to water, which contained the healing properties. Because light force has the power to sustain and re-organize the human body. Amazingly, the spirit of the plant is transferred to the water. The energized water heals by unblocking channels in our mind, allowing positive thoughts to flow and displacing the negative emotions. I still believe, that this mind cleanse is the ultimate cure to all illnesses.

Bach’s staple “The rescue remedy” is actually a blend of five different Bach Flower remedies. It was especially created by Dr. Bach to deal with emergencies and crisis – those moments when life takes us by surprise and we have no time to make an individual selection of remedies. It’s actually rescued me from common colds, influenza, even stage fright, and exam stress. It’s always brought me to a place of relaxation and internal serenity.

I actually used the rescue remedy two weeks ago trying to recover from a flu that I got on the plane. As I was squeezing the dropper into my mouth, I thought I have been practicing Yoga while sick all my life…Why not create a yoga sequence that pairs the Rescue Remedy?

So I picked a bouquet of the most healing and restorative yoga poses, and put them together in a very smooth and organic flow. Much like Bach’s infusion, this routine blends five different types of asana, breathing and meditation techniques to help you reap the full benefits of a restorative Yin yoga practice. The most rewarding part is that I created it while I was sick – my head pounding, my ears ringing, my chest clogged and my nose congested. And I could feel exactly what the body needs when ill. There’s tons of healing yoga sequences that are offered on YouTube. Some better than others. But I haven’t actually encountered a soothing and cleansing yoga routine that you can do while sick.

In most cases, movement feels so taxing when you are sick. But if the practice simulates rolling in bed and does not strain the body, but instead relaxes it, and flushes the toxins out – it could be incredible purifying. So here it is – the ultimate Yogea Rescue Remedy.

Next time you get sick – don’t hesitate! You will reap the same benefits of a healing yoga practice while staying in bed. Healing your mind, healing your emotions, healing the blocked energy and restoring the flow will make you again healthy and strong.

Dr. Bach believed there are no diseases, just sick people. Here’s your chance to see if Bach’s vision withstands the test of time.

Healing Yoga Routine: Rescue Remedy (open level)

This is a gentle and cleansing Yoga routine, which you can do preventively to fend of sickness, but can also try while you are actually sick – to speed up your recovery. The routine starts in child’s pose to elicit the relaxation nervous system response while massaging the forehead and face and activating trigger points for boosting the immunity and rinsing away toxins. The massage moves into the neck, shoulders and back to release tension and stiffness. Gentle kneeling lunges, twists, forward and back bends open all body parts and morph into a flow that feels like a delicate water color. Supine hip and shoulder openers rotate with sagittal bends and subtle inversions to induce deep cleansing. The sequence closes with reclining twists, hip & back and soothers. A sweet meditation cures your mind, emotions and heart – and ultimately your body.

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