Relaxing Yoga Routine: Zen Out (open level)

This Yogea routine offers a compendium of calming and tension relieving poses. It integrates trigger point massage and a smooth flow of kneeling, supine, reclining and seated poses that Zen out the mind and dust off tension stored in the body. A brief introspective visualization sets the tone for a time to relax and replenish. Gentle backbends alternate with shoulder openers to release tension lurking in the back. A round of foot and facial reflexology lends way to an organically transitioning flow of supine reclining twists, hip, shoulder, quad and hamstring openers that provide myofascial release and stimulate glandular secretion. Seated forward bends coupled with shoulder opening binds and twists calm the mind, purify the filter organs, cool the body’s temperature and boost the production of sleep inducing hormones. A comforting relaxation chills you out and nourishes the parasympathetic nervous system to signal that its time to unwind and replenish.

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