Rejuvenating Yoga Routine: Replenish & Charge (open level)

This Yogea routine has a special rejuvenating effect on the entire body as it blends asana, pranayama, tapping and rocking exercises. Starting from a stable stance on all fours the sequence tones the core and builds up stability and centeredness by incorporating standing postures with binds to regulate flow, and twists to flush away toxins. Externally rotated postures and hip openers alternate with bound twists and cooling forward bends. Special emphasis is attributed to inversions intermingled with tapping techniques to promote circulation, replenish cells, re-grow tissue, and reverse the process of aging. Level changes, leg shifts and plane switches are conducted in a smooth fashion to give practitioners a sense of reversing gravity and accessing every pose from a different angle. Supine, reclining and inverted variations of key poses are introduced to provide an overall stimulating effect on the entire system. Rejoicing backbends top the sequence to free the individual’s voice and open the portal to one’s vital identity. Special rocking and tapping modes of progressive relaxation end the sequence and invite practitioners to celebrate their awakened selves.

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