Prenatal Yogea Asana routine for the 3rd trimester


The prenatal Yogea asana routine for the 3rd trimester starts standing and ingrates breathing and ritual dance to help moms prepare for labor.



The prenatal Yogea asana routine for the 3rd trimester starts standing and ingrates breathing and ritual dance to help moms prepare for labor. Ample hip circles, spirals and curves whirl the body into a belly dance that celebrates swelling femininity. Special massage and Qi-enhancing techniques from Qi-Gong are interspersed with the breathing and devotional movements to promote energy flow through all meridians and boost vitality in the navel area. Creative mudra embellish the warm-up dance and recreate the emergence of the baby’s spirit from the depths of the Earth. The torso ripples take moms down onto all fours to start the asana practice by opening up into side kneeling lunges while binding and opening the hip flexors and the hamstrings. Forward lunges take moms into the upper level of standing poses that build stamina and use binds to cross meridians and to balance the intuitive and rational sides of the brain. The filter organs – kidneys, spleen and liver are stimulated while in standing forward bends that coil into gentle twists. Moms then float down to kneel, sit, recline on their sides and forward bend to end up into a deep squat that mimics the most ancient birthing position. Soothing backbends and supported inversions open the mom’s heart to accept and appreciate. Emphasis goes to reclining lateral hip openers that massage the hips while providing sufficient space for the belly. Gentle rolls through the gluteus further massage the lower back and hips and guide moms into a nurturing child’s pose to end the sequence and bring the focus in. A supported relaxation gives moms a chance to relax while visualizing the spiral forces of the earth as a potent vortex of the power of love. The meditation guides moms to envision their perfectly natural birth and let the first words that they would whisper into their baby’s ear arise from their heart.

Duration: 1h 2 min.

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