Prenatal Yoga Routine: Maternity Circle (all trimesters)

This Yogea routine is especially designed for all stages of pregnancy as it integrates poses to open the hips; strengthen the legs to better carry your upper body; gain flexibility to your perineum; loosen the back pains; help with sciatica; relax the nervous system; strengthen the immune system; help you keep balance as your gravity center shifts; give you daily tips such as getting up and lying down; bond with your baby in-utero.
Special diaphragmatic and lower abdominal breathing practices usher you into a space of expanded awareness from where you can connect to your baby’s growing needs and prepare for its arrival. The poses integrate repetitive motion through guided breathing to facilitate more space in the lower abdomen and allow you to work with gravity. Side lunges coupled with forward bends open up the hips safely, lengthen the lower back and elicit the relaxation response. Standing poses alternate with safe shoulder binds and arm stretchers as you naturally attain strength and flexibility. Standing forward bends pair with deep open squats to prepare the pelvic bowl for pushing. Seated hip openers combine with soothing binds to ensure a strong anchored based. Semi-reclining goddess poses carefully enriched with heart-openers prepare you for the descending labor thrusts. Finally, a soothing and propped relaxation connects you to your whirlpool of creativity and weds you and baby in a cradle of love and light.

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