Prenatal Breathing and Meditation Yoga Practice: Gift of Life (3rd Trimester)

This Yogea breathing combines movements from belly dancing to promote buoyancy in your hips with long extended diaphragmatic breathing to sooth your sore body and calm your restless mind. Active circles with the shoulders and arms while pointing the thumbs up and down allows you to bring energy into the lower abdomen and pump more oxygen into the baby’s brain without obstructing the uterus. Further, rapid spiraling of the hands in front of the chest, while switching arms allows for connecting to the DNA code of your baby and sending all the positive light into the last stages of its growth and completion. Mudras from ancient Egyptian pictograms depicting the fish goddess open up the cosmic flow through your uterus and facilitate a shorter and ecstatic delivery. Moreover, trance-inducing techniques from the whirling dervish meditation eliminate pain and bring the entire body into a heightened sense of perception and divine flow. Ying-Yang balancing breath from Qi-Gong allows you to channel energy from Sky to Earth and feel grounded and serene. As you open the main meridians you allow the body to do the work on its own. Quick fluttering of the lips teaches you how to relax the lower abdomen, open the cervix for labor and free the mind of any concern. A guided meditation allows you to fill up your heart with devotion and love.

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