Morning Yoga: Open Sesame (open level)

This morning yoga routine moves through the full yoga spectrum to invite a rainbow of sensitivities, health benefits and to bring your day into an upswing. It warms the body with a modified Sun Salute and moves you into high lunges, grounding standing poses adorned by hip and shoulder opening binds to awaken every muscle, tendon, ligament, fiber and tissue. The levels and the weight shifts so you can get an even stretch through both sides, with an emphasis on those parts like the adductors, IT Band and psoas that usually get neglected in a regular yoga practice. Kneeling core toners alternate with low-lunges and twisted hip openers to tone and massage the thigh muscles. Seated spinal twists lend way to lateral and thoracic back bends to open up the ribs and create more space between the vertebrae. The sequence closes down with neutrally rotated forward bends and reclining back soothers, paired with gentle inversions to awaken all joints and boost all systems. A quick attunement to the wonder of the day takes you into a leap of expanded opportunities and luminous glow.

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