Ka Twine


Ka Twine

Reminisces a seated Egyptian pictogram of a Goddess with palm open in “Ka” mudra twisting the strands of rebirth and renewal: Twist, hip, quad & groin opener, stretches knees and deltoids

Brief alignment: Start from a flying pigeon pose and fold one knee tipping slightly front as you press the same side hand into the floor. Hook top of the foot onto opposite thigh. Fold back knee and hook back top of the foot into the elbow crease of the same side arm. Turn palm to face the direction of the body. Twist side of the waist to palm as you keep the shoulders even and the collarbone wide.

Benefits: Stretches hip flexors and groins; opens knees, quads and deltoids; detoxifies filter organs and decompresses the lower back

Contraindications: Hip, knee & groin injury

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