Joints Support Yoga Routine: Instant Flex (open level)

This basic Yogea sequence cultivates stability and a sense of centeredness and balance. It promotes radiant joint health while offering a diverse palette of balancing, twisting, forward-bending, back-bending sequences, as well as inversions and balancing poses. The easy-to-follow sequence stimulates the endocrine system through glandular secretion and stretches tendons and ligaments while strengthening, and toning muscles. The moderate pace allows the harnessing of vital energy while providing focus and inner peace. It nurtures both the ball and socket and the hinge joints in the body by lubricating them and providing healthy cushioning and mobility. Structured around the energetic principles of alignment: center, support, yield, radiate, breathe and return, the routine honors the universals laws of oppositional pull and teaches proper structural alignment by unleashing energetic flow. The effect is a soothing, centering and harmonizing experience both physically and mentally.


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