Iron Clad

Have you ever seen in the movies one of those old warships with armor plating? They are really protected from any foreign invasion. Take that as a metaphor for shielding your body, and you will see that we also need a similar armor to protect from outside energies in order to function at our optimal capacity and feel whole.

Our busy urban lives make us prey to a host of foreign energies every day. At times we feel drained, other times we feel energized. But one thing is sure – energy protection should become part of our daily hygiene. It is like brushing the teeth and combing our hair, creaming our face or dressing up for the day. Before going out in the open, we have to take at least a couple of minutes to shield our aura.

Our lives are just so busy that we sometimes don’t take the time to realize that just like our physical bodies, our aura, the invisible shield that surrounds us, also needs attention. The aura is our radiance, the glow that we emit that is charged by our energy and individual frequency. The aura changes in color and range. If we deplete the energy, it grows thinner and the layer of protection around us is almost non-existent. If we allocate time to practice and breathe expansively, the auric shield grows stronger and we are no longer so vulnerable, even when we are bombarded by different energies through the day.

We have to take into account that our aura can be affected by our state of mind and body, our emotions, the people around us, as well as our immediate environment. If it becomes weak, you can easily become tired or drained. You can even feel helpless in making any decisions or choices. This leads to physical illnesses accompanied by mental and emotional imbalances. For me the aura is our most accurate early detection system. It will alert us early on, so we’ll have time to do something about it. When it’s healthy and strong, it acts as a protective shield.

Conscious breathing and visualization are the natural tools to empower and purify the aura. As we become mindful of our breath, we can visualize our bodies shelled into a vibrant white egg. If we take the time to open the windows in the morning and take a couple of deep fresh breaths of air, we will be able to invigorate the cells to amplify our body’s natural magnetic sheath. Drawing from the air, the sun, and if we happen to be on the beach, from the salty water is the best way to ionize and strengthen the aura. The ionization is in a way a retrieval of powerful stardust from the space around us, that the Vedic seers called Akash. Akash was the ether, and the more we drew from its source, the more we were clad in akashic fluid – the stronger our aura would get and the healthier our bodies and minds would become.

I like to gather the akashic fluid around me by performing this simple breathing and mudra exercise that oddly enough comes from the science of Egyptian Alchemy. The pharaohs did it before performing sacred rituals and before interacting with other people during celebrations and gatherings. It is very intuitive and creates an Akashic vest, that reminisces those iron clad ships from the Middle Ages. But instead of iron, we are clad in powerful solar energy that comes from the stars, a beautiful attire of dense ether that purifies and fortifies our glow. Just becoming aware of our aura and its importance in maintaining our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and combining it with our healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise is already a giant step to our wholeness.

Yogea Shielding Breathing: Iron Clad

This is an essential breathing and visualization technique that uses simple arm movements and directed pranic flow to build a strong armor of light around your body and to protect you from outside energies. It will leave your body energized, and your aura stronger and impenetrable.

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