innovasana think-tank lab

INNOVASANA Think-Tank is Yogea’s hallmark. It is an unprecedented brain and body“storming” playground for minting new asana and embellishing classical poses and variations with cool binds, unconventional twists, exciting tilts and delightful transitions.

The aim is to provide seasoned practitioners an open space to explore and create – unrestricted by rules, and widely adopted standards.

The INNOVASANA Think-Tank reminds of the limitless possibilities inherent in Yoga and allows us to challenge the status quo of every tradition, to think, see and move outside the box.

Yogea will be updating its gallery with a new Innovasana every month. Physical and mental benefits and contraindications of each pose, as well as brief alignment points will be provided. You will encounter new ingenious poses like “panda”, “praying Mantis”, “resting fairy”, ”naughty dragon” and even “Marilyn Monroe”, among others.

Innovasanas are compound asanas that stretch multiple body parts, stimulate different glands and have centering, balancing, rejuvenating, soothing, detoxifying and toning benefits for body and mind.