Hips and Shoulders Opening Yoga: Let Go (open level)

This Yoga routine couples ingenious hip and shoulder stretches to give you myofascial, emotional and mental release from all that is blocking you. Comforting shoulder binds combined with spinal undulations open up the body and free up the arms. Kneeling lunges and deeper shoulder loops follow to rinse tension and stiffness from the two ball and socket joints. Modified kneeling warrior poses pair up with intense deltoid stretches. Seated and reclining hip and shoulder openers engage the remaining joints and muscle groups in a friendly “pull and squeeze”. An explosion of pelvic and upper arm binds pull out any emotional residue as they boost the production of synovial fluid across all joints. The sequence winds down with spinal twists to relieve the lower back and create more space in the joints, between the vertebrae and in the mind. A brief but empowering relaxation reminds you that in order to let go you need to relinquish control.

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