Hip Opening Yoga Routine: Stress Release (advanced level)


This advanced Yogea sequence targets the hip flexors as it helps release clogged energy in the joints due to unresolved fear, tension or worry. Opening the hip joints encourages us to adapt to changing circumstances and situations. Physically, the stretching of the hips creates more space in the lower abdomen, soothes lower back-pain and loosens up tight hamstrings. Lubricating the hip-joints boosts synovial fluid production and sheaths the labrum and cartilogenous fibers, aiding tear and wear. Hip openers are also part of any prevention care therapy as they eliminate lower back pain, promoting an elongated and healthy spine, with an expanded range of motion. Energetically, the hip joints are related to the throat center and our ability to unleash creative energy, and build our visions. As we free the hips we liberate our voice and original expression and improve our ability to speak eloquently, assertively and truthfully.

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