Healing Yoga Routine: Rescue Remedy (open level)

This is a gentle and cleansing Yoga routine, which you can do preventively to fend of sickness, but can also try while you are actually sick – to speed up your recovery. The routine starts in child’s pose to elicit the relaxation nervous system response while massaging the forehead and face and activating trigger points for boosting the immunity and rinsing away toxins. The massage moves into the neck, shoulders and back to release tension and stiffness. Gentle kneeling lunges, twists, forward and backbends open all body parts and morph into a flow that feels like a delicate water color. Supine hip and shoulder openers rotate with sagittal bends and subtle inversions to induce deep cleansing. The sequence closes with reclining twists, hip & back and soothers. A sweet meditation cures your mind, emotions and heart – and ultimately your body.

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