Hamstrings & Pelvis Opening Yoga Routine: Limber Base (open level)

This Yogea sequence is especially designed for people with tight hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, psoas and gluteus. New safe ways to lubricate the joints and promote the elasticity of the tendons in the lower body half are introduced. The warm up blends various accessible poses to awaken the musculature. The first part is deliberately conducted while kneeling as to provide a firm foundation for the pelvis to open and readjust. The hamstrings are stretched in tandem with the gluteus, the psoas with the groins and the hip flexors with the quads. A special softening through the top of the foot is offered, which in turn allows an easy descent of hips into heels. The safe alternation between externally and neutrally rotated standing poses increases overall flexibility. Forward bends are coupled with hip twists as to allow deeper engaging of the core and the lower back. A cooling section combines sitting, reclining and bound hip openers and concluding twists. Meridian crossings and binds are performed to channel vital force into the organs and prepare the body energetically for deeper opening. A progressive relaxation relieves any unreleased tension and brings us back to the center of our being.

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