Grounding Yoga Routine: Root & Anchor (intermediate level)


Designed and performed by certified yoga teacher Alexandra Kramerova.
This Yogea sequence brims with “earthing” tools (mudra, asana, pranayama techniques) and grounding postures to root you in your creative element. Utilizing balancing mudra and binds in standing postures the routine cultivates a sense of connecting to the Earhtly flow, while tuning to the fabric of Universal vibrations. A smooth warm-up generates heat evenly through all muscle groups, while promoting circulation and enhancing flexibility. A series of externally rotated standing hip openers is coupled with belly-toning semi-kneeling poses to ensure a solid base and awaken the transverse abdominals. The middle section raises the complexity of standing, reclining, sitting and kneeling poses in a gradual progression and builds into a peak pose. Seated hamstring openers and bound twists, as well as reclining forward bends are introduced in the winding down. A brief visualization marks the closure and offers space for reflection and reconnecting to the sacred self. The pace is moderate to- fast. The transitions are fluid and naturally ascending or descending as they create a sense of undulating with the waves of vibration and conscious breath. Brief pauses interspersed throughout the practice provide moments for the mind to calm down and for the body to absorb the benefits of the grounding practice.

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