Forward Bending Yoga Routine: Summer Chill (intermediate level)


This Yogea sequence is an “insalata mista” of core-boosters and heat soothers. Abdominal toners trim the body for beachwear, as generous forward bends remind us of our ability to yield into abundance and prosperity. A gentle warm-up of kneeling, standing, reclining and inverted poses builds heat, targeting strong abs and supple hamstrings. Establishing a strong core, facilitates proper postural alignment that is juxtaposed by a variety of cooling forward bends performed in different, levels, directions and degrees of intensity. The sequence then unfolds into an explosion of modified standing poses that open the hips and shoulder girdle simultaneously. Seated bound poses help channel life force through the main meridians, while rigorous quad stretches combined with spinal twists open the thighs and front of body, creating a natural need to later submit to counter-poses that work out the back of the body and stimulate the gastro-intestinal tract and the process of elimination and detoxification. The swinging from forefront into background provide space for reflection and insight while eliciting the parasympathetic system response, and stimulating the neo-cortex and the organic ability of the brain to make a consciousness switch, and catalyze a shift of perspective. This blend makes the body – awake and slender, the mind – serene and accepting, the heart – empathic and equanimous. This is a sequence that cultivates the craft of abandon and control, introducing variety and contrast in our every day experience, a chilling infusion of ice-tea and spicy ginger.

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