Closing The Circle

Have you ever wondered why the number “12” occurs so frequently in all sacred texts? Twelve – the symbol of sacred union. There are 12 apostles, 12 people on a jury, 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night, 12 Olympian gods, 12 petals in the heart chakra and 12 stars adorning the European Union flag; 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 months in a year. The number 12 is the result of 4×3, 4 elements – 4 corners of the earth – 4 cardinal points. When these are multiplied 4 x 3, three being the sacred number of God, the result is 12 – the perfect number. Every year when we hit the 12th month we have the opportunity to stir the wheel of our live anew and reweave our destiny.

The great rhythms governing everything on Earth are the basic link we have with the realms beyond the planet. The yearly cycle and the manner of our orbit around the Sun, bringing summer and winter, day and night not only order the rhythm of life on Earth but make us part of a Grand Design.

It is truly fascinating to feel like a small wheel in this gigantic clock, unaware of the purpose or extend of the pattern it belongs in, yet faithfully and steadily continuing its essential role. And every year we have the chance to gain insight into this essential role and set milestones for achievement that will fulfill this mission. I love to meditate on this plan as I close the circle, just like the Earth completes its orbit around the Sun. So on New Year’s I contemplate on the lessons learnt and set intentions of how to foster positive change. I try not to attach to any new year’s resolutions, but instead tend to follow the energy of every month and the symbolism it holds.

January is evidently meant as the starter of the year, but also as a rite of passage that still puts us the threshold of something new. My numerology teacher always used to urge me to be more proactive in January, to get down to things. Never procrastinate during this month, just move on and move along with what comes and what you have intended. It is the perfect time to map out things, without too much expectation. And although it’s considered a month of winter blues, it is really a time of gestation of ideas. But ideas will come only if you are creative.

February is the month of duality when your initial ideas are put to test. You have the choice whether you want to pursue with your yearly plan or tweak it a little bit so you can allow new openings. It is the time of the year when you can enhance your psychic powers and hone your intuition to help you make meaningful decisions that are aligned with your life purpose.

In March you are asked to be more artsy about things. It is time to improvise, time to reach out to others, time to forge new relationships, time to express yourself and benefit society. For some it’s a moment of cleansing ad clearing the winter clutter. For others it’s a time of spring renewal and regeneration. “3” is the number that represents man, nature and the divine. In a subtle way this month questions whether your choices and plans serve the grand design.

In April it’s time to focus on building. Whatever you have set out the precious months now needs to be channeled into coherent and relevant form. It is a time of constructive criticism when you get the practical insight on how to improve your life financially and materially. Because “four” is the number of the Earth, it is important to be pragmatic and resourceful when it comes to boosting your earnings. As you build a strong economic foundation for your life, you will have the freedom to work on what you love and share it with other like-minded seekers.

In May it is time for change. Perhaps not radical change of direction, but a shift in perspective when you are able see your life from a bird’s eye. It is a wonderful time to travel physically or internally and to make room for communing with others while honoring your needs. It is time to bloom in whatever you are doing and you have to be proactive about it, if you want to see results.

June marks the first half of the year and all the effort you’ve put culminates in countless rewards. It’s time to get curious, to engage in constructive dialogue and play with the community, to pray for world peace and to feel as an integral part in a bigger whole. You don’t need to go by the book during this month. Opportunities will pop up out of the blue. Be flexible to grab them and make use of them. It is a great time for multi-tasking. Cross pollinate share information, edit, week, network, just keep the heart engaged and avoid gossip.

In July you are asked to focus on your vulnerability and make it your biggest asset. The mood is sensitive so we can connect to our tender sides and process emotional backlog. In response we can either get crabbily defensive, or trust our strength and nurture ourselves and others. It’s time to water, plant, fertilize, bathe, cook and listen to our gut instincts. It is time to naturally dance with the tides.

August lets us shine in the center of our world. The mood is openhearted, generous, romantic and expressive. We will be energized when we are emotionally engaged. Weed, arrange, design, celebrate, present out – it is time to hold other’s attention so people can thrive on it. It is important to appreciate steady effort and to express with drama, but melodrama.

During September our mind and attitude sharpens ad work calls. The mood is thoughtful, sensitive, health-oriented, compassionate- we understand how details create the whole. It is time to criticize, analyze, organize and have faith in the perfection of the whole. It is time to improve ourselves and the world. Be the natural mystery seeker and a wise problem solver. The challenge is to accept, encourage and play out your options so that the real path will reveal itself.

October is the month of appreciating the beauty and bounty within and around. It is time to find balance between work and family while allowing the winds of change to settle old matters in a new inspired way. The mood is sociable, friendly, open, diplomatic, romantic, curious and aesthetic. It is time to pursue social justice and negotiate as equals, time to beautify our world and nurture relationships. Make sure you see all the sides of the problem so you can lead beyond controversy to a shared perspective.

November is time to dive in and shed the old shell. Immerse yourself, it’s time to prune water dig, investigate and contemplate. We are asked to see through the roots of a problem. We need healthy solitude, but not isolation. See past suspicion with clarity and have breadth of vision as well as depth.

We close the circle with December. It is time to drop the attitude and be real, to get moving and connect with the natural world. Our challenge is to explore the freedom found within commitment. Oddly enough, this month closes the “12” circle and does not necessarily involve ending something. It rather opens new possibilities for expanding your vision and fulfilling your dreams. But you have to have the guts to explore that vision with no regrets and no expectations. Just forge on and trust that the circle will complete itself when the work is done and the energy is ripe. It is an auspicious time to connecting with Source and letting it speak through you.

I have followed these astrological guidelines for decades and feel honored to share this practical insight with you. Charge your circuits with vibrant synchronicity as you use the waning of one year to fuel the rise to the next.

Evening Yogea Meditation: Closing The Circle

This evening meditation takes you into a retrospection of the year elapsed and fuels fresh anticipation for the year ahead. You are guided to rewinding the past year and appreciating the lessons learnt, the needs met, the hurdles that were overcome, the insight that unveiled new information about your special role in the world. The personal life issues become the roadmap that takes you on an astral journey through the galaxies and brings you back home, to a place of inner belonging. Your breath becomes your compass that opens space for soul retrieval and recapitulation. As you glance back into your life, you see you personal story as a gossamer thread in a large and beautiful tapestry. Beauty and optimism awaits you at the threshold of another year of earthly orbit around the Sun.

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