Evening Pacifying Yoga Routine: Balance & Replenish (open level)

This Yogea routine is rich in asanas that will help you calm the nervous system, clear the mind, release stress or anxiety build-up and most importantly rebalance all the elements in your body, so you experience inner peace. The sequencing takes you in different spatial planes and levels and nurtures the capacity of your cells to reprogram and increase efficiency. Reclining backbends alternate with poses that stimulate the crown chakra and the third eye to elicit of state of insight and fuel intuition. Deep twists couple with soothing forward bends, to rinse out in debris from the chakras and allow deep relaxation. The poses are augmented by targeted massage techniques that enhance the acupressure stimulation through trigger points to allow free detoxification. Signature variations of classical standing and sitting poses are introduced to promote a “tri-doshic” effect and rebalance the energetic, emotional, mental, physical and causal sheaths of the body. Special newly minted binds promote optimal meridian crossing to re-balance the right and the left brain. The effect of the sequence is soothing and restorative, as well as centering and replenishing.

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