Empowering Yoga Routine: Ride The Challenge (intermediate level)

This well-rounded Yogea routine rides through the full spectrum of pose types and sheaths of the body, to invite openness and curiosity in the process of one’s self-improvement. A brief attunement combining pranayama and mudra, fuels the solar plexus and the quest for self-inquiry. The warm up introduces standing neutrally and externally rotated poses to anchor into the physical body. Spinal twists and inverted kneeling poses fire up the energetic body – catalyzing the chakras to a healthy spin. Gentle back bends coupled with hip openers ignite the heart center and awaken the emotional body. Seated and kneeling forward bends adorned with mudra that invoke insight, morph into worship positions to help shut the mental body down and open the portal to the higher intuitive self. In the end all five sheathes of the body are integrated to restore the balance and elicit clarity on the path to bettering one’s self.

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