Detox Yoga Routine Part 1: Regenerate & De-clutter (open level)

Detox Yoga Routine Part 1: Regenerate & De-clutter (open level)
This Detox sequence is the first part of a series of three detoxifying spring Yogea routines intended to be practiced sequentially or independently. A burst of wide-ranging twists runs throughout the entire sequence to unleash a detoxification process in the body through glandular secretion and lower abdominal rinsing. The sequence starts with gentle rocking twists to promote the open the nerve channels and stimulate circulation and deep tissue cleansing. Standing poses with twisting and meridian crossing action are then introduced to foster strength, promote flexibility and rebalance the right and left side of the brain. Seated twists alternate with semi-reclining forward bends and invigorating backbends to boost the immune system; stimulate the secretion of mood enhancing hormones and increase the space between the vertebrae to ensure a strong but supple spinal torsion. The practice picks up with various twisted variations introduced in standing, balancing, reclining, seated and kneeling poses. The winding down offers space for replenishing the body’s digestive and eliminating system by boosting metabolism and flushing toxins out of the main filtering organs. An overall feeling of purity and resurrection is attained while preparing the body and the mind for awakening to the freshness and delights of spring.

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  1. Marina February 10, 2015 at 6:02 pm #

    Soothing, yet powerful!

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