Centering Yoga Routine: Still Point (open level)

This Centering yoga routine opens the five pathways of the body and pins you down to the core of your being – so you feel fully centered. The sequence invites you to step up and imprint you presence firmly into the ground. Expanding through the five lines of the body you stretch into the pentagram of the Vitruvius Man. A gentle semi-inversion then takes you down to kneeling, so you can charge up your core through lunges and backbends and build up to standing poses with stabilizing arm binds. Shifting the weight gracefully while keeping a firm grip through your feet lets you transition between rooted standing and flying perched poses in an attempt to test your balance and gauge your internal compass. The standing crescendo cascades down into deep squats, soothing hip openers and oxygenating twists. The wind down moves through seated core toners to hamstring stretches and table-top poses to teach you the art of subtle balance through pose/counter pose. While reclining you are asked to open up like a cone and rather than seek you crux, simply receive your center. Shaking the tension off through intense contraction and release brings you back to neutrality where you can retreat in the core of your essence.

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