Centering Yoga Routine: Steady Orbit (open level)

This Yogea sequence brings you back into alignment with you essence as it integrates a variety of poses that provide a steady anchor and inspire you to radiate from the center outwards. Grounding breathing techniques are practiced while standing and twisting to facilitate a smooth flow from head to tail and create a sense of graceful weight-shift. Kneeling and semi-inverted poses emphasize the quality of grounding through every surface of the body. Core strengtheners and standing hip-openers alternate with neutrally rotated poses to provide a steady base for rootedness and expansion into more complex binds and twists. Seated and reclining poses pair with deeper gluteus stretches and releasing forwards bends to ensure physical centeredness and emotional stability. Inward movement is encouraged as you cool down through a series of introspective and calming poses. A final relaxation takes you back to the seat of your soul.

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  1. Marina February 8, 2015 at 8:13 pm #

    This is a perfect routine for calming down and tuning in after a busy day. Bring ones back to their focus. Thank you Yogea!

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