Beginner’s Yoga Routine: Oxygen Shot

This is an accessible yoga routine for beginners – tenderly designed to take you through the whole palette of a well-rounded and fun yoga practice. Starting form all fours and moving through gentle cobra and worm dips and arches, you will be able to warm up the spine and find your center. Incorporating gentle twists and spinal undulations through lunges, will stretch your thigh muscles and tendons. Shifting weight, while changing levels and angles will teach you to transition smoothly and safely from the kneeling to the standing plane and back.  A series of standing hip openers and balancing poses will test your mental and physical equilibrium. A couple of seated twists, side and back bends will chill you out so you can recline on your back and cuddle inside. A quick relaxation will take you to your well of power, and leave you balanced and renewed.

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