Balancing Yoga Routine: Equipoise (intermediate level)

This ingenious and fun Yogea routine allows you to experience balance as a constant quest of the self, and ride with its fluctuations to enjoy its highs and lows. The sequence starts standing, in order to ground you into the vortex of perpetual change. As you pendel your weight back and forth, right and left, right and down you find the middle ground where you feel stable and free. A gentle tree pose starts off the flow and then veers into active side bends and morphs into a perched Krishna pose and one-legged pigeon, hugging its wings into the heart. Standing grounding poses, alternate with balancing and hip opening lunges and sink into abdominal toners and side plank to ascend back up through balancing splits. The art of levity is tested by integrating standing consecutive balances with reclining twists; hip openers with shoulder binds. The hormonal balance is restored through active inversions and headstand variations, and the intestinal health is replenished through gut massage in suspended peacock pose. Supine poses introduce deeper detoxifying twists, while kneeling poses unfurl into deep hip-openers and forward bends. A cooling down focuses on calming the mind and meditating on the art of moderation.

Designed and performed by our inspiring Yogea teacher Marina Grubic.

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