Balancing Yoga Routine: Balance In a State of Flux (intermediate level)

This sequence nurtures qualities like balance and flow by juxtaposing two counterpoint states of awareness. It contains poses that promote stamina and balance. It provides a well-structured flow that reinforces the trust within and the connection with the world, and our place in it. Challenging balances are coupled with centering standing poses, nurturing twists with soothing forwards bends, and energizing backbends, which help us attain equilibrium in a constant state of flux. Finding our center within is the first step towards defining our niche in life and acting from a place of confidence and ease. As we establish a firm axis we draw everything we need into our life, and everyday becomes a meaningful progression towards accomplishing our life purpose. The sequence is suitable for intermediate practitioners who want to maintain a strong core, increase stamina and resilience, while developing fluidity and inner peace.

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