Back Soothing Yoga Routine: Pain-free (open level)

Designed and performed by our inspiring Yogea teacher Marina Grubic.

This accessible, slow-paced Yogea practice brings you in touch with your core and allows you to create more space through your lower back- alleviating pain while strengthening. A gentle massage while reclining forward awakens the muscles of the back to generate heat and align the spine. Side reclining positions allow for the lower back to twist and elongate. Seated forward bends help lengthen the lower back. Micro twists are added on the sagittal plane to curve the spine in and tone the spinal muscles. Rib cage isolations while kneeling expand and compress the intercostals stimulating the production of synovial fluid and cushioning the vertebrae. Forward lunges are coupled with deep squats to promote extra length. Gentle shoulder openers open the cervical spine and the blades. When coupled with a hollowing of the belly, these twists and openers sponge the joints with a gluing gel. Gentle twists decompress the spine and subtle backbends facilitate further elongation and extra strength. Supine reclining rocking releases the pressure from the tailbone and catapults the body into a creative visualization that allows you to explore the mutual support of your background and foreground that makes your spine flexible and pain-free.

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