Back-bending Yoga Routine: Find Your Niche (advanced level)

This advanced Yogea routine with an emphasis on backbends helps you refine your practice and retrieve your soul purpose. Heated rounds of Surya Namaskar prepare the body for deep twists, arches, forearm balances and hip openers. Classical sequencing alternates with innovative variations and purging binds to promote glandular secretion and bolster all bodily systems. Smooth and organic transitions allow for a seamless flow leading you on a journey from simplicity to complexity. A cascade of standing poses, inversions, advanced hip openers coupled with tricky backbends roll one after the other to massage all joints, tendons and ligaments while unpeeling the outer layers and letting your true identity shine forth. Cleansing breathing promotes further detoxification and promotes mental clarity. Pacifying forward bends wind the sequence down, and guide you into a relaxation to align your soul purpose with your cosmic duty.

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