Arm-balancing Yoga Flow: Leap of Faith (advanced level)

Performed by our sublime performing artist and yogi Richard Scandola

This fluid and artful Yogea sequence blends empowering and purging poses in a sequence that culminates in arm balances and builds faith and inner resolve. A seated breathing and mudra practice opens the center of inner vision and sets for a smoothly strung flow of pose and counter-pose. A warm up of standing neutrally rotated and revolved poses open up the hamstrings, calves while lengthening the sides of the waist and firming the arms. Kneeling leg lifts open the hips and rotate into heart-openers to morph into hip openers – all preparing the entire body for the arm-bearing poses to come. Empowering standing poses are adorned with energizing mudra and meridian crossing binds as the body shifts weight seamlessly back and forth, down and up. Standing hamstring stretches and twists alternate with arm balances, and spiral down into seated spinal bound hip and shoulder openers to build internal strength and smooth transitions. The sequence culminates into forearm balances and winds down through forward bends and relaxing twists. A progressive relaxation eases tension and fuels courage through letting go of the meanderings of the mind and trusting the divine flow.

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