Anti-depression Yoga: Cheer Up (open level)

This Yoga routine integrates poses, breathing, bandas (energy locks) and tapping (emotional freedom technique) to boost the happy hormones and lift the veil of anxiety and depression. Rubbing the forehead in child’s pose activates the pineal and pituitary glands and promotes the production of relaxation and vitality hormones. Gentle back-bends paired with thumping of the thymus and the tops of the feet open the main meridians of the body and swing the mood up. A chain of standing bound twists and stabilizing poses boost the willpower and the desire to pursue happiness here and now. Playful hip and shoulder openers ward off anxiety and tension and the grip of fear from the body and mind. Soothing inversions and forward bends bring a sense of acceptance and release. And the final cord – a heart-opening bridge to energize you, and help you rejoice the importance of your unique self to this world.

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