Anti-cancer Yoga Routine: Cellular Reboot (open level)

This healing Yogea routine is especially designed for cancer-stricken patients as it stimulates the endocrine system and offers a total cellular reboot. Deep diaphragmatic breathing expands the lungs’ capacity and ensures a steady flow of life force through the meridians and cells. Further, trigger points nurture the thymus gland and boost the lymphatic and immune systems in the fight with antibodies and atypical formations. Special emphasis goes to the detoxification of the body through spinal twists and the activation of the main energetic centers through glandular secretion and cellular massage. Kneeling backbends alternate with standing twists and soothing forward bends to rejuvenate the body internally. Hip and shoulder openers increase mobility in the main joints and wash away stuck angst that harbors in crevices, honing the will power and restoring the body’s natural sense of sustenance. Inverted positions challenge the perceptual tangent and offer a shift of perspective. A soothing succession of relaxing poses elicits the parasympathetic nervous response and frees the mind from fleeing the seed problem. A gentle visualization replenishes the body with vital juices and sets a positive and bold mind frame in the process of cellular remission and total cure.

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