Ample Blessings

Health is wealth, and gratitude does open the well of abundance in our life. But real affluence comes when we live the life we love.

Prosperity and abundance is everyone’s birthright. However, for some reason in materialistic society, abundance is mostly associated with having money or owning things. Having becomes more important than being. We start thinking in opposites – in terms of assets and liabilities. We spend out time trying to increase affluence and end up squandering valuable resources and benefits such as time, personal health, spiritual well-being, social connections or community in order to buy temporal things that will only depreciate over time. What’s worse, our desire to have overrides our spiritual needs and steers us away from thriving in a state of abundance. Negative programming simply gets in the way, and we begin to either hate or fear money. Our thoughts are focused on want or lack and that is what we begin to attract.

Yoga has taught me that abundance is a state of inner fulfillment when you allow yourself to live the life that you love with passion and courage. It is not measured by your bank statement, but is rather a state of mind that requires practice of de-cluttering and tons of appreciation.

I still remember when I began to practice devotedly I naturally made some subtle adjustments that changed my life forever. First and foremost, I took inventory of my stuff, realizing how many unnecessary items I had hoarded throughout the years. As I rummaged through my stuff to find lots of objects of sentimental value that I was attached to. True to the yogic observance “aparigraha” or non-attachment I began to get rid of stuff that no longer served me, even the emotional tokens I had treasured for years.

Clearing the clutter opened space for me to evaluate my life goals and realize that I could find better ways to utilize my assets and my time. I surrounded myself with the people that I resonated with. I took up activities that were in line with my passion. I embraced a community of like-minded seekers and I found my passion for teaching and directing. I heeded the call to change. My life took an upswing. Instead of choosing “either/or”, my world expanded with “and”. I realized that everything was complementary and all-inclusive. I began to carve my personal identity in this mutually interdependent society. This led me to the most important realization on abundance. Abundance is everyone’s birthright, but not everyone claims it. And the biggest culprit that deters the flow of abundance is greed. Whether it’s material greed (acquiescence of things or assets) or spiritual greed (thirst for knowledge, adventure), it is an inability to abide in a state of effortless being.

The best way I handled my greed for more knowledge, more workshops, more educational degrees, more learning experiences, was to breathe into my deepest wants and my deepest fears and to relinquish them in the light of my purest state of being. It took sacrifice and a daily breathing and asana practice to burn those desires for better education and to remember that education comes from within. The breathing actually disentangled deeply seated beliefs of what my academic status should be. The tantric tools from Kundalini Yoga and my insight into sacred dance took me to a place of inner confidence and contentment with the life that I had. I was no longer pursuing happiness, but was right in the heart of it. And abundance was flowing my way.

I realized that sometimes in life you have to reach out to people and things, to take conscious action in order to improve your life situation, while benefiting others. But sometimes you just had to stay centered and let things come your way. And that’s what I did – I kept on practicing – pinned into my center. I could feel that life had my back. I was grateful for everything and felt blessed to be sharing my breath the remaining 7 billion people on Earth every single day. It felt like the whole Universe and entire mankind was conspiring to help get the best out of me.

Ever since my life is rooted in this state of fulfillment. I feel happy to receive and to reciprocate and I attract whatever I need in my life, so I can make meaningful contributions to society.

Enjoying vibrant health, having time to do whatever you wish to do, having so many true friends and near and dear ones that you are never lonely, having lots of love and joy in life, having a soul satisfying job or business – these are some facets of prosperity in life. Prosperity is a state of belonging and pertinence to the bounty of this Earth. Tapping this bounty is truly liberating. You can go in any direction you want.

Today, after thriving in this state of effortless grace, I feel the freedom and courage to do whatever I whish to do. I have become less judgmental and listen to others with patience, compassion and understanding. I communicate clearly and gracefully. I am able to create the life style I want to live with passion and I am in a constant state of marvel and appreciation.

I am well aware that abundance is an aspect of the creative energy of the Universe and is always there like a well overflowing with wisdom and ample blessings. And it is always there for each one of us. All we need is breathe with it.

Yogea Abundance Breathing: Ample Blessings

This Yogea breathing extends a conscious bridge between the mind and the heart so you can connect to what truly matters in your life. A guided meditation affirms your impact to society and helps you live the life you love and share it with others.

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