Airplane Yoga: Levity Spin (open level)

This short Yogea routine gives you an imaginative array of stretches that you can do aboard the plane. Because of the limited space, and the seated position, the routine focuses on stretching the pelvic and shoulder girdles through binds and forward hinges, and elongating and massaging the spinal muscles through twists and abdominal contractions. Compound stretches work on the hip flexors and “lats”, while side bends alternate with neck rolls and back arches to open the intercostals and the cervical spine. The extremities are also addressed by emphasizing wrist articulation. Mild forward bending variations are also introduced to help the body curl in and unfold. The arms are also toned by practicing modified supported bridge variations that require arm bearing action. The routine targets all muscle and tendon groups and promotes circulation, oxygenation and overall vitality.

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