Advanced Intermediate Yoga Routine: Release & Uproot

This hi-paced advanced intermediate YOGEA routine is intended to shift your mind into your breath and extend the gap between your thoughts, so that you can let the body heal itself.  A wide variety of shoulder openers alternate with subtle and deep hip flexor stretches to help release old patterns of belief that impede the natural elasticity of the joints and ligaments in the pelvic and shoulder girdles. The deliberate shift in planes, directions and levels targets multi-purpose extension, flexion, abduction and rotation of the joints and stimulates the muscles’ ability to work synergistically, so we can stretch the hips, the shoulders, the quads and the psoas simultaneously. The deep hip openers are balanced with invigorating backbends that provide the opposite action for muscular and joint support. The sequence stimulates the first four chakras (energetic wheels in the body) and helps practitioners to connect to the Earth, find their center, boost their vitality and retrieve their identity by honoring themselves.  Deeper detoxification is promoted by wide-ranging twists that further the effect of the hip and shoulder openers, by wringing the excess waste out of the lower abdominal cavity. Reclining forward bends, and subtle twists are offered as a delicious dessert for the body and a calming remedy for the mind.

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