Abs Shocker Yoga Routine: Power House (open level)


Performed by our esteemed dance educator and choreographer Valentina Priolo

This Yogea routine combines isometrically held positions from Martial Arts with dynamic pulsing from Pilates – all strung through artful Yoga postures that engage various groups of core muscles simultaneously. The static poses paired with active exhalations engage the inner corset and juice up the entire core. The flow undulates from semi-reclining to supine, through seated to kneeling to give you a firming workout. Lateral twists while engaging the core build the oblique abdominals and slim your waist. Central tightening accompanied by intense breath weaves the rectus abdominals, supports the lower back and improves digestion. Reclining arches stretch the abdominals out. Loosening the long muscles while cementing the junction muscles so you can engage the core from the pelvis. Reclining twists and gentle back bends massage the front of the body and guide you into an exciting creative visualization that makes you celebrate the body as a powerhouse of internal energy and information.

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