About Yogea

Welcome to Yogea – your chance to experience “Yoga outside the Box”!

Yogea is an innovative approach to mainstream and classical yoga that re-imagines imposed standards of definition and possibility in a rapidly evolving Yoga world. It engages the community into a comprehensive educational, creative and spiritual platform for a healthy and enlightened living.

Yogea brings traditional wisdom to contemporary issues and provides a comprehensive toolkit of inventive targeted routines, inspiring mediations, empowering mudra and breathing practices for the needs of the modern individual.

Yogea’s novel mission “teach vs preach” aims at upgrading the art and science of Yoga in the world, and provides valuable tools, not mere tips for raising holistic awareness and keeping mentally, physically and emotionally fit.

At Yogea you can enjoy extensively researched blogs and creative routines that target specific body parts, systems, organs, glands or mental conditions and offer relevant remedies, easily applied in daily life and accessible to all.

Yogea’s signature style pioneers an innovative asana lab – Innovasana Think-Tank and reforms adopted principles of sequencing, structure and flow to create a Wonderland Yogic experience.

You are no longer bound to a rigid structure, stapled transitions and yoga labels, but rather embark on a seamless journey through different planes and states of consciousness. As you venture outside the box, you can reclaim your authenticity and live up to your full potential.

Yogea is your unique chance to experience Yoga Outside the BOX! Are you ready to JUMP?